Sealing Technology


  • low solvent content
  • acid-resistant
  • permanently elastic

Permanently elastic, low-solvent, unfilled, bitumen coating with high resistance against diluted acids (except oxidising) and lyes up to 2%concentration. Indoors and outdoors as protective paint, for foundation sealing (min. 3 coats), as undercoat for cold and hot bitumen coatings to be processed, for the adhesion of films and cardboard. As primer before bituminous sealing and scarfing work, to freshen up asphalt surfaces, as sealing coating for cesspits and slurry pits as well as roof coating for weathered layers of bitumen.

Priming under topcoat: approx. 0.15 litres/m² Priming under scarfing work: approx. 0.30 litres/m² Insulating and protective paint, roof paint: approx. 0.25 litres/m² (min. 2 coats) Fresh coat on asphalt: approx. 0.15 litres/m²